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Georgia Kelly came to yoga through her background as a dancer and actress. This training greatly informs her classes so as to help you nurture and understand your own body through mindful exploration and play.Yoga, meditation and creative practices are fundamental to Georgia’s pursuit for inner and outer harmony, in addition to nature, dancing, sunshine and community.  Her aim is to empower you to build strength without struggle, and create expansion without tension in a nurturing and light-hearted atmosphere.
Melisa Chabierski has been practicing hatha yoga for decades and began teaching in 2000, training with Bliss Baby Yoga, The Australian College of Classical Yoga, Vagyoga Chetanapitham and Gita. Melisa is still awed by how yoga permeates all aspects of life in subtle and mysterious ways. From her experiences of actively birthing and supporting others during birth she has witnessed and experienced how yoga positions are labouring and birthing positions. She is passionate about exploring the power and intimacy of the breath as it invites presence with the present experience whether it is heartburn, the intensity of a contraction, or holding your baby for the first time. Deepening your relationship with this force, you can come to birth and the journey of parenting with inner trust in yourself.
Chrissy Sunshine creates a welcoming space for anyone who joins her classes to explore movement, stillness and connection to mind, body, + breath. She completed her 200 hr ‘Yoga Energetics’ training in Bali with Cat Kabira in 2016 and a further 100 hrs with Patrick Beach and Carling Harps in 2017. Chrissy has taught in India, Cambodia, Laos, and Germany and her favourite thing about teaching is meeting and connecting with new people. Feeling an urge to expand her offerings as a teacher, she completed a ‘Graduate Certificate of Yoga Therapy’ throughout 2020 with the Yoga Therapy Institute and currently, she is studying a ‘Bachelor of Psychotherapy & Counselling’. Overall her Yoga classes offer an opportunity to bring awareness to the moment, check in with self, and feature a curated playlist with some sweet tunes.
Lindsay Cox  My connection with yoga began in the 90s with study in the Iyengar way through my brother, also a yoga teacher. In 2009 I began a daily practice and in 2017 studied to be a yoga teacher. Yoga continues to be a balance and touchstone for personal well-being as well as communication with others. Each practice is a chance to return to a peaceful and yet energetic state, feeling charged but earthed. My classes are quiet and strong and usually focus on core strength without sweat!